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Tamperproof Certificate Make It Easy Verifiable using Green Blockchain.


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Fast Performance

Generate a Certificate and store it in Blockchain easily and quickly.
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Get all your certificate with free of cost by parterning with us.
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Marking your presence in virtual world.
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Get our support to promote and brand your presence.

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Issue the Certificate in a minute

customize your certificate and issue with your logo in a minute.
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White Labelling

You can completely whitelable this product with your own organization and with your own verification dashboard.
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Verifiable in Blockchain

Verify your certificate or document with IPFS and Blockchain.
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Provides Unlimted Certification

You can issue unlimited certificate by using our gateway.

Core features

Build your reputation in a Digital World

A new way of Verifying Credentials and Document using our Digital Badge and Certificate Platform.


Whats the function

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Get access to our portal and automate your certificate issuing process.

Select a template or Upload your own certificate

Get your our customzied templates for your certificate or Build your own and Upload it.

Issue the Certificate or Documents

Issue a certificate seemless and share it with larger audience.

Verify the Certificate or Document

Get verified your issued certficate or documents hassle free.

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